Commercial Shipowners, Ship & Cargo Operators & Shipbrokers

ShipIntel Pre-fix is a maritime AI-based decision support system for Shipowners, Ship & Cargo operators and Shipbrokers, designed to help your save hours and have more time to be proactive. ShipIntel Pre-fix reduces manual work and simplifies decisions by giving you the insights and tools you need to make informed decisions quickly.

ShipIntel is a maritime AI-based decision support system, for shipbrokers, shipowners and cargo operators to help your save hours and have more time to be proactive. For spot and TC chartering for dry cargo, tankers and LPG, and if you are hiring out vessels on timecharter, can do any type of vessels.

In the fast-paced world of chartering, accurate processing and evaluation of excessive amounts of daily information like emails, calls, and messages is necessary to make informed decisions and grasp freight market trends.

As a chartering manager,
your job is to find the best possible combination of cargoes and vessels to maximize the earnings (TCE) of your company's portfolio of vessels and cargoes.
This involves hours gathering information, reading emails, managing communications, and running pre-voyage calculations.

Then you spend hours running pre-voyage calculations, one by one, to compare the TCE for a portfolio of cargoes and vessels. Still, you might also want to charter in a vessel instead of using one of your own, but then you have to do all the voyage calculations all over again for that market vessel. You want to optimize the TCE, but you also have to minimize bunker consumption and carbon emission costs and there are too many software programs to learn and log in to. This process takes countless hours and needs to be done before you can understand what to do, explore new business, and discuss with your brokers.

In ShipIntel you can "follow the voyage of your email" / track your emails from they are arrive in your inbox, through classification (type of emails)  and into your machine readable cargo and TC requirements list, where you also can find how many new cargoes or TC request have arrived during the night. With few clicks you can add the cargo to your workspace and do a pre-voyage calculation and add more vessels and cargoes and compare their TCEs and carbon emissions.

This makes ShipIntel an essential decision-making tool for chartering managers.

As a shipbroker, you might spend a significant amount of time creating position lists to identify which vessels can lift specific cargoes and meet the laycan windows.

This often involves manually gathering and organizing information, which can be time-consuming and tedious. By automating this process, you can free up valuable time to focus on building your industry knowledge and forging business relationships that can help you succeed in your role.

High quality AIS data, historical data, vessel lists, vessel tracking, port and areas monitoring - you find it all in ShipIntel Essentials.

Use the dynamic vessel search and combine technical vessel descriptions, live AIS data and historical AIS data, with the sea route calculator and destination prediction, and later receive smart dynamic notifications in real-time when changes occurs to any vessels in you lists. Find port or region arrivals, departures and when vessels sets a destination. The ShipIntel Dynamic search and ShipIntel CoPilot will soon be your everyday maritime companion.

Use the sea route calculator and create sea routes from any of the vessels AIS position or from port-to port, find different sea-route options and calculate carbon emissions, or you can create a lists of vessels and notified about changes in vessels trades. Helping you to judge the situation so you are prepared to discuss with your principals and give more qualified advises.

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High quality AIS data
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Integrated with Microsoft
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Available cross-platform
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Don't listen to us, listen to our customers

Having used several competing AIS providers, we were confident in our decision to add ShipIntel Essentials to our toolbox. We are impressed with its sleek, responsive, and easy-to-use interface and we're excited to leverage its full potential in our day-to-day operations. Maritime Optima has been very attentive, listening to our needs and implementing functions we have requested.

Portrait picture of Ole Jacob Person
Espen Thulin
Shipbroker at Nomadic Shipping AS

We started using ShipIntel because we needed an AIS software and a sea route calculator.This allowed us to quickly calculate time, distance, and carbon emissions from any vessels' AIS positions to any ports.We added more features because we gained access to high-quality AIS data, smart AI searches, and a very user-friendly software at an affordable price.
There are too many stand alone software, and we have started looking for a kind of one stop software that gives us what we need at an affordable price. It is a huge advantage to have such software developed by industry professionals and to be invited to contribute with ideas and new features without being invoiced.

Portrait picture of Ole Jacob Person
Lars Paulsen
Commercial Director at Oslo Bulk

We chose ShipIntel because it is an innovative solution, easy to use, and comes with a very competitive price. We continued using ShipIntel because the Maritime Optima team continuously develop and maintain the software. We also think it is an advantage that maritime software is developed by people that have been working in the industry. So the easy to use, relevancy, high AIS quality and price makes ShipIntel a unique maritime software box.

Sebastian Venjar, Shipbroker at Hesnes Gas AS
Sebastian Venjar
Shipbroker at Hesnes Gas AS

We believe ShipIntel stands out on key points such as coverage, search/filters/lists, and user interface. The highly skilled IT team is supplemented with experienced shipping people, so we are confident that ShipIntel will continue developing to our benefit.

Peter T. M. Brandt, CEO at Dyna Shipping AS
Peter T. M. Brandt
CEO at Dyna Shipping AS