Working at Maritime Optima

In Maritime Optima, you will be encouraged to learn and develop your skills in a fun yet challenging working environment.

We are developers, data scientists, digital marketers, people working with sales and office services. We also have the best office manager there is!

We are always looking for skilled, talented and ambitious colleagues who want to work with professionals with lots of energy and humor.

Sounds interesting? Check out our job openings or send us an open application. You are welcome to pop into our office for a coffee and learn more about us and meet the team.

Job openings

Why join Maritime Optima?

“At Maritime Optima everyone is an important key to our success. We strive to have a workplace where you can have fun and bond with your colleagues”

Profile Picture of Ragnar Gladsø Wibe.
Ragnar Gladsø Wibe
Chief Accountant and Office Manager

“We're a company where you can work on hard algorithmic problems with other smart people. And we're small enough that your good ideas are heard and will be used to decide how we'll develop the company further.”

Profile Picture of Jean-Niklas L'orange.
Jean-Niklas L'orange
Sr. Back End Developer and Scrum Master

"In Maritime Optima we have a transparent work environment where we can share and obtain domain- and technical knowledge. Also, we are literally revolutionizing the worlds largest economic infrastructure, which is pretty neat."

Profile Picture of Jørgen Hanssen.
Jørgen Hanssen
Full Stack Developer

"We organize the world's shipping information. With a team small enough that everyone matters. Join the fun!"

Profile Picture of Pål-Robert Engnæs.
Pål-Robert Engnæs
CTO and Sr. Back End Developer

"Maritime Optima has an immense amount of maritime data, and a lot of interesting problems to solve. You can work with everything from complex backend tech to machine learning, web and mobile development. It's a great place for a 'life long learning curve' and working with fun projects for a very interesting industry."

Profile Picture of Morten Omholt-Jensen.
Morten Omholt-Jensen
Full Stack Developer

"In Maritime Optima every employee matters and makes a difference. We aim to build a great team where everyone thrives. develops their skills, and expands their knowledge. With a great team and an immense amount of maritime data,  we aim to make a difference in the maritime industry."

Profile Picture of Kristin Omholt-Jensen.
Kristin Omholt-Jensen
Founder and CEO

“In Maritime Optima you will become part of a hard-working team, where the atmosphere is super friendly and easy going. Being a part of a small team means you will have a big impact on the company.”

Profile Picture of Kenneth Nergård.
Kenneth Nergård
Digital Marketer

"By being part of Maritime Optima’s team provides me with an incredible chance to delve into essential business knowledge across various domains. With hands-on experience, I am empowered to actively contribute to the company’s successful initiatives, driving positive transformations within the maritime industry and ensuring personal and professional growth."

Profile picture of Mikus Villeruss.
Mikus Villeruss
Customer Success Manager

"It feels great to be part of a company where you can see how much you can help improve the industry. We get to meet new challenges often, which helps keep us up to date and strive for more."

Profile Picture of Kumar Anand.
Kumar Anand
Sr Frontend Developer

"It is fun and exciting to work in a company that is trying to introduce new ideas and new technology  to the conservative shipping industry."

Profile Picture of Tor Augdal.
Tor Augdal
Sr Advisor

"I like to work at Maritime Optima because it is a start-up and smaller company so you get to know all parts of the team very well. You also get the opportunity to learn a lot outside your field of expertise, and at the same time the other employees are interested in learning from you, regardless of how 'experienced' you are."

Profile Picture of Line Omholt-Jensen.
Line Omholt-Jensen
Student / Content Marketer
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