Live AIS Ship Tracking

The AIS technology, affordable cloud solutions, low-orbit satellites, and connectivity (the internet) have created a window for new and exciting software solutions for maritime professionals. However, since the AIS protocol was meant for SAR operations rather than market analysis and commercial decision-making, much work is needed before commercial decision-makers can use the AIS data

Every maritime professional needs an AIS solution they can trust in their decision-making toolbox. The solution should be user-friendly and available on laptops and mobile phones.

We collect raw AIS data from satellites, terrestrial senders, and dynamic AIS sources every second, and we spend time mapping, cleaning, and processing the data. We combine the AIS data with other public sources and our industry knowledge, so you should get the most out of the data.

We update the AIS positions every 10th minute. For the vessels nearby me on the mobile, we update the positions every minute.

We are partners with Orbcomm and Spire.

Why the live AIS tracking module from ShipIntel

Unlimited access to live AIS

Unlimited access to live AIS for all merchant vessels with a valid IMO, MMSI and that are using a class A sender. Find lat long coordinates, distances, time and course.

Change of flag and ownership

Find name of the vessel, segment/type, dwt, draft, cubic capacity, flag, LOA, beam and TPC. We map when the vessels are changing flags or ownership.

Global coverage

We have access to AIS satellites, terrestrial senders and dynamic AIS sources. We provide global coverage.

Cross platforms; Mobile and laptops

Very quick to create and access the vessel lists from your laptop or your mobile. Updates done on your vessel lists from your mobile are synced with your computer and vice versa.

Find last port and next port, ballast or laden condition

Find the vessels' last visited port and the next intended port with ETA and shown as tracks on the map. We estimate whether the vessel is in ballast or laden condition.

Find the active vessels in operation

We remove vessels not seen during the last 3 months and show on the vessel card when we last received an AIS signal from the vessels.

Mapping and processing AIS data

AIS spoofing is an increasing problem for the maritime industry. We detect and adjust for AIS errors, such as when the MMSI numbers are spam and if an MMSI number is used by more than one vessel. 

Very affordable

Very affordable module. 20 views for free and then € 10 per seat per month (billed annually) to unlock unlimited access to Live AIS data for all the merchant vessels.

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web and mobile.
Processed and mapped Live AIS presented in ShipIntel owned by Maritime Optima AS.

A useful, user-friendly, flexible and affordable software

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