Position List

The position list module is a tool for Ship owners, cargo owners and ship brokers to quickly and accurately evaluate opportunities and competitors, and position lists might be the primary tool for keeping track of the competition and evaluating the market.

Information circulated by the market players is an utmost important part of the commercial value chain, and often such information ends up in position lists. The industry and its companies are now facing a relatively thorough digitalization transformation that will challenge the ship broker's role. Regardless of the digitization process, the position list will remain essential for the partners involved in fixing vessels.

Digitalization is also one of the reasons why the Ship owners, cargo owners and ship brokers need to invest in flexible software. The software you decide to invest in should help you better understand your business model and free up time from carrying out repetitive tasks.

If you are actively involved in chartering vessels and cargoes, either as a broker, charterer or as a ship owner, the ShipIntel position lists module is an essential tool for makeing better and faster decisions.

Why the position list module from ShipIntel

Create unlimited numbers of position lists

Create as many position lists as you want, save them. You can automatically update the position lists every 24 hrs or you can manually decide not to update. You can also add or remove vessels to a position list.

Easy to understand and quick to use

User-friendly, quick and efficient tool for creating a pretty accurate list of vessels that can lift a certain cargo within certain dates (laycan).

Add fixtures reported and notes to the vessels

Add fixtures and vessel engagements to get estimates of when and where the vessels will be open after they have performed the fixed voyage. This will be taken into consideration when we estimate the relevancy of the vessels for your load port.

Automatically calculated cargo intake

Get the automatically calculated cargo intake for all the vessels based on cargo criteria and vessels criteria (overwrite the cargo intake if you want).

Find where the vessels are on a map

ShipIntel makes it easy to understand the likeliness of this specific vessels being a candidate for your cargo.. The vessels are shown on a map, which port they are heading towards, whether they are in laden or ballast conditions, and the ETA for your load port, assuming they finish the voyage they are performing or going directly to your load port (you decide). 

Warnings attached to each of the vessels

Warnings attached to each ship makes it easier to understand if that ship is a genuine contender. You will find warnings: if we think the AIS info may not be trusted, if the vessel can't load the minimum required cargo or can load more cargo than the max cargo quoted or is unlikely to be available (based on AIS, machine learning and AI).

Via a destination or directly to the loadport

You decide if the ship should be routed via the stated AIS destination or directly from the current position to your load port.

Very affordable

Very affordable. The Position List module costs only € 25 per seat per month (billed annually).

Screenshot of ShipIntel on web.
Position List from ShipIntel is the primary tool for keeping track of the competition and assessing the market.

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