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A new chapter for ShipIntel

We want to share with you some exciting news about the development of our company and maritime industry solution, ShipIntel. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing users with the freedom to explore our services at no initial cost, while growing our user and customer base.

So in September 2022 we launched a MVP of ShipAtlas – our vessel tracker for individuals, to gain important knowledge on what different types of users want, what is important for the managements in the companies, and to train our tech team to learn about the maritime industry so they could become tech partners in developing a popular and useful software for the maritime industry. Based on these learnings, we introduced the MVP of ShipIntel in October 2022, and during 2023 we continued to develop features based on user testing and feedback.

As we continue to grow in numbers of paying customers and to adopt to the importance of companies' stricter data security policies, we realize the necessity to evolve to ensure the quality of our services. ShipIntel operates on Microsoft Azure and we are now shifting ShipIntel's business model to a more traditional SaaS model, also supporting the Microsoft Entra access control protocol.

This change also allows us to introduce a suite of new and advanced AI-driven features in ShipIntel and to embed the ShipIntel features in the Microsoft 365 products.

Despite these changes, we want to assure you that interacting with users will remain the most important focus of our customer success team. We will also embrace the SMB companies so everyone, no matter large or small, are able to take place in the maritime digital transformation.

The changes also better align with our long-term goals to develop ShipIntel as an innovative software that maximizes the value of your knowledge and data by giving you valuable insights, so you can make informed decisions that can drive your business forward.

If you have any questions or concerns about the changes, please feel free to reach out to us in our popular chat. We are always here to assist you.

The new ShipIntel subscriptions

While the core structure of ShipIntel remains unchanged, we have reorganized our offerings into two distinct subscriptions, ShipIntel Essentials and ShipIntel Prefix. This ensures that we cater more specifically to different segments of the maritime industry.

ShipIntel Essentials is a suite of smart maritime intelligence tools, based on AIS and AI, for any type of company involved in maritime business. It provides all the necessary tools you need to have reliable, essential functionalities at your fingertips.

Take a closer look at ShipIntel Essentials

ShipIntel Pre-fix is an AI based decision support system for shipbrokers, and ship- and cargo operators. In addition to the full Essential suite, ShipIntel Pre-fix’s features will help you save hours and have more time to be pro-active.

Take a closer look at ShipIntel Pre-fix

Integrate with Microsoft

In addition to ShipIntel’s new subscription model, we have also launched a ShipIntel Essentials integration with Microsoft. This means you can now connect your team by creating and sharing ShipIntel Essentials dashboards inside your Microsoft Teams channels and groups, both on your Microsoft Teams dashboard and mobile application.

Additionally, customers using Microsoft  365 and support the Microsoft Entra protocol, can use Microsoft login on ShipIntel web and mobile application. This means ShipIntel comply with the company's IT security policy, and is protected by the Microsoft Entra protocol.

You can learn more about our different products and solutions by exploring our updated webpages.

If you're already interested in ShipIntel please book a demo through the button below

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